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Business Observer, self-proclaimed newspaper for Florida's C-Suite, recently published a feature story on our founder and CEO, Dave Rich. Get a recap below or read the full story.

Read the full story on Business Observer.


Making Moves

  • The capital will be used for marketing, branding and hiring.
  • Ensurem is hiring 6 new employees for content production, technology and software development.

"The big thing now is executing the plan." - Rich

Out With the Old, In With Insurtech

  • "Rich, 61, saw the need for a technological disruption in insurance toward the end of his 20-year run in corporate executive roles with industry giants." - Business Observer
  • According to Rich, the insurance sector suffers from prolonged groupthink.
  • “The industry is so old and antiquated in how we do things.” “They’ve been doing it this way for 150 years.” - Rich
  • Ensurem is part of the the thriving insurtech sector that's working towards breaking up that groupthink.

“Some companies know they need to change but they don’t know how. We have billion-dollar brands coming to us and saying, ‘Please help us.’” - Rich.

Ensurem's "Why"

  • Buying life insurance is traditionally a process cluttered with confusion and indecision.
  • Ensurem is simplifying that process by building out content and developing technology that makes it easier to understand the products
  • "The Ensurem why, says Rich, is to create wealth, or at least opportunities to maintain income stability, for a family that lasts beyond life’s unexpected happenings." - Business Observer

“We want to inject capital into society, one family at a time.” - Rich

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