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Tips for Saving Money on Flights this Summer

Are you busy making summer travel plans? Now is the perfect time to search for cheap flights and vacation packages for that summer getaway. Make sure you’re being smart about summer travel planning and avoiding extra expenses when booking that flight. Here are some essential tips for saving money on flights this summer:

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Pick the Right Days of the Week to Fly

It’s no secret that airline prices fluctuate throughout the week. During the summer months, you’ll find the cost of Sunday return flights is usually higher than average since many people will be looking to be back to work on Monday after a summer retreat. Consider flying back on a Saturday night or even pushing your return flight to Monday or Tuesday if you can plan an extended vacation — and save money in the process. And, book mid-week — a Tuesday or Wednesday departure date is your best bet — if you want to get the cheapest flights of the week, according to CheapAir.com.

Book Right Away if the Price is Right

Even though it pays to shop around for the best flight deals, you won’t want to wait too long to book that flight at a great price. Prices can change by the minute and if you’re flying to a popular destination or shopping options on an almost-booked route, you could lose the reservation if you wait even a few minutes. If the price is right, don’t be afraid to complete the booking because you may never see that price again.

Manage Costs of Trip Cancellations and Delays

Airlines end up losing about $5,770 per cancellation, according to data by masFlight, and millions of passengers end up having to rebook or change their itinerary because of a canceled flight. Whether it’s because of a tropical storm or a faulty jet engine, there’s a chance your flight may be delayed or canceled this summer. If you don’t have travel insurance, there’s a good chance you will need to pay some fees to get back on schedule.

Get Travel Protection Online

If you made your reservation using a major credit card, one of your cardholder member benefits may include travel protection that will cover you if the trip is canceled or interrupted under certain circumstances. If not, consider picking up a Travelers Edge Plan that offers trip cancellation, baggage delays and trip interruption and delay benefits of up to $1,000. You could be reimbursed for those rebooking fees, ticket costs and other expenses related to the airline canceling your flight.

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Curb Excess Baggage Fees

Whether you’re heading to the Bahamas or flying overseas, makes sure you're not paying a premium for your luggage. Consider flying with airlines that offer a free first or second checked bag and take the time to learn about the costs of additional bags. Airlines can change their fees at any time so it pays to call them directly to confirm current fee schedules. Avoid overpacking so you can fit everything in your carry-on and in one additional bag.

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