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Ensurem, LLC, an innovative technology and digital marketing platform dedicated to simplifying the process of buying insurance, announced today the launch of the new MedicareSeekr iOS app available for free on iPads. The application was developed by Ensurem and illustrates the company’s commitment to creating innovative, user-friendly tools that educate the public about the insurance industry.

Through its engaging online platform, Ensurem provides direct-to-consumer products as well as a library of guides and resources to help streamline the process of buying insurance. The new MedicareSeekr app provides consumers with the ability to learn valuable information about Medicare options from an iPad, eliminating the need to work with an insurance agent.

“As iPads and mobile devices continue to grow in popularity, we saw an opportunity to educate consumers with a free, user-friendly app that helps explain the Medicare process,” stated David Rich, CEO and founder of Ensurem. “The MedicareSeekr app gives people the opportunity to learn more about Medicare without ever having to speak to an outside agent. They can learn everything they need to know directly from an iPad.”


The MedicareSeekr app includes the following innovative features:

  • Comprehensive overview of all Medicare options: The MedicareSeekr app educates viewers on every aspect of Medicare, providing informative content on all Medicare options.
  • Video library of resources: The app includes access to engaging, informative video content that simplifies Medicare Advantage.
  • State-of-the-art quoting tool: The MedicareSeekr app features a state-of-the-art quoting tool that compares a sampling of Medicare Advantage plans within a specific area.
  • Ability to request a consultation with a licensed Medicare agent: If viewers have additional questions or need further guidance, the app can connect them with a licensed Medicare agent.

To download the new MedicareSeekr app, visit the Apple Store. To learn more information about Ensurem, visit http://www.ensurem.com.


Ensurem, LLC was launched in January 2016 with a two-fold mission of Awaring America™ about the value of life insurance and supplemental health products and providing a simplified buying process. Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, the company provides insurance-related products to consumers nationwide through its online platform. Ensurem offers several features to help customers live Life Optimized™, including direct-to-consumer products as well as a library of product guides and resources.

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