| Medicare Medigap Policies and Tips to Help Prevent Costly Hospital Bills

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Tips to Prevent Costly Hospital Bills

Ensurem hopes to help families protect themselves from excessive hospital costs. Medicare Medigap policies can help, but so can the following tips.

Did you know that having a Medicare Medigap policy can help keep those costly hospital bills in check? When you or a loved one is facing a medical emergency or health issue, the last thing you want to worry about is finances. Unfortunately, a three-night stay in the hospital costs an average of $30,000 without insurance, according to HealthCare.gov. Even with insurance, you could end up paying a few thousand dollars for your deductible and other expenses your insurance company won’t cover.

Here are some of the best ways to protect yourself from costly hospital bills:

Get Authorization from Your Insurance Provider

Whether you have an Obamacare plan or private health insurance, check in with your insurance provider to make sure they will accept your visits and cover your medical procedures, medications, and other expenses. Remember that many insurance companies only work with some hospitals in your area so you will be charged in full if the doctor and hospital are out of network. Knowing what will and will not be covered can help you set aside money for that upcoming treatment plan — and prevent costly surprises.

Make Preventive Care a High Priority

Some medical problems simply can’t be avoided. Still, you can take steps to ward off costly medical care and high hospital bills by taking extra good care of your health. Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly and keep up with your doctor visits to make sure you’re in good health. If you've been skipping doctor visits because you don’t have insurance, consider getting basic coverage with a short term health insurance policy. These plans offer several benefits and affordable premiums so you can at least see the doctor when you need to.

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Pick Up a Hospital Indemnity Plan

Did you know you can get coverage specifically for hospital stays? A hospital indemnity plan enhances your existing insurance by covering medical costs associated with your hospital stay. Unlike insurance, these plans pay you directly when you end up in the hospital so you can use the benefit to cover your deductible and any other unexpected medical bills. If you did end up in the hospital because of an emergency or you were admitted to a hospital to recover from an illness or injury, your plan would pay you a daily cash benefit for each day you spent in the hospital. Some also provide an additional benefit, such as ambulance transportation and emergency room benefits.

Compare Hospital Options

Unless it’s an emergency visit or a life-threatening situation, you can usually choose which hospital you will be receiving treatment from and get an estimate of costs. If you live in a larger city, you may have access to both university-based hospitals and smaller, community hospitals. If you live in a rural area, you may have to factor in the cost of driving or making arrangements for transportation to and from the nearest hospital. Check with your health insurance provider to see which hospitals they have agreements with and call the hospital directly to get an estimate on costs.

You can bridge the Medicare gap with Medicare supplemental insurance from Ensurem.

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