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5 Real-Life Stories to Help Guide Your Life Insurance Purchase

“These videos of real families and their life insurance stories will help you better understand the power of being insured.”

You shouldn't underestimate the value of life insurance. No matter your life stage or circumstance, insurance protects against the unexpected.

As several of the real-life stories below mention, it can be difficult to picture yourself needing life insurance. But, don’t take our word for it. We invite you to view these life insurance stories to understand the power of being insured.

Which of these scenarios do you identify with?

The Tragic Reality of Being Uninsured

Meet Kiristen Draughn.

When she was 4, her father died in a boating accident. The two-parent, two-income household she and her siblings grew up in, abruptly changed.

Sadly, her parents did not have life insurance. As her mother now reflects, “we thought we had a lifetime to do that [purchase life insurance].”

Without life insurance coverage, it didn’t take long for the financial hardship to impact their day-to-day life. Putting a roof over their heads became a real struggle, as did the simple act of providing regular meals.

Kiristen and her mother offer advice for other families considering life insurance:

  • Life insurance would have given my family stability.
  • It not only gives you peace of mind now, it provides for your loved ones after you are gone.
  • Don’t wait to get life insurance. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

View Kiristen’s powerful life insurance story here:

Baby Boomers Discover Hidden Benefits in Their Life Insurance

Jim and Judy Stacherski were high school sweethearts. Fast-forward 30 years, the baby boomers reconnected and married. Heart break soon entered their lives when Judy was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

Fortunately, the Stacherskis, had multiple protection-based products in their portfolio. They had health insurance coverage, and a group life insurance policy through Judy’s employer. The life insurance policy contained an accelerated death benefit rider.

A majority of policy types allow policy owners to add riders as an extra layer of protection. Common riders include:

  • Accelerated death benefit. (Judy’s group life policy rider)
  • Disability waiver of premium. Provides that the basic policy will continue to remain in force if the insured becomes disabled and is incapable of paying premiums.
  • Disability income rider. Provides both a wavier of premium and supplementary income if the insured becomes totally disabled.
  • Cost of living rider. This rider is typically found on term insurance and the coverage increases every few years, equal to the increase in the cost of living.

To learn more about the positive impact group life insurance coverage had on the Stacherski’s, view their heart-warming life insurance story here:

In Jim and Judy’s case, they were fortunate to have:

  • A group life policy with the added benefit of an accelerated death benefit rider.
  • A rider that allowed Judy to access 90 percent of her policy’s death benefit while she and Jim still had time together.
  • A life insurance policy that would, upon her passing, provide proceeds to Jim to supplement his retirement income.

A Young Family Finds Solace in Life Insurance

Meet Melissa Wandall.

Melissa was nine months pregnant when her 30-year-old husband died in a car accident. In a matter of weeks, she went from a newlywed and mother-to-be to a widow and single mother.

Fortunately, her husband Mark had planned properly for his family. He had enough life insurance to take care of his family’s needs — both now and into the future.

As a single parent, what would you do in this scenario? To learn how life insurance provides solace in a time of need, view Melissa’s story here:

Thanks to her husband’s proper planning:

  • The life insurance allowed Melissa to remain in their home.
  • Proceeds from her husband’s policy enabled her to take time off from her career so she can be a stay-at-home mom.
  • She has been able to put money into a college fund for their daughter

$12 a Month Helped This Young Mother

As a single, expecting mother, it's difficult to make life insurance a high priority.

Summer was a 22-year-old student with dreams of becoming a doctor. She worked full-time and managed her own household. Each month Summer would stop by her local insurance agency to pay her auto insurance. Between her visits, she found out she was expecting a baby. Summer's insurance agent suggested she consider life insurance to cover her newborn in case something happened to her.

Sadly, the unexpected occurred only nine months after Summer gave birth to a son. Her mother, Coleen now faced with an unbelievable tragedy – the loss of her daughter – had become responsible for taking care of Summer’s son.

See how $12 a month serves as a kind reminder of a mother’s love:

Summer’s decision made a huge impact on the life of her newborn son. With her term life insurance policy proceeds, her mother, Coleen, was able to:

  • Provide a beautiful funeral for her daughter.
  • Take a leave of absence from her job to take care of Summer’s son.
  • Establish a college fund for Summer’s son.

Stay-at-Home Mom Provides Family with the Ultimate Gift

The Virgens were saying goodbye to their extended family after a get-together. On their return trip home, a hit-and-run drive struck their pickup. The truck rolled over, pinning Nicolas and wife Teresa inside. Son Gabriel and daughter Mayra managed to crawl out and were only slightly injured. When rescue workers arrived, Teresa was already dead. Nicolas had three broken vertebrae and multiple fractures in his arms.

“In one second your life changes,” Nicolas says.

In a twist of fate, the Virgen’s discovered Teresa had life insurance. At first, the couple wasn’t convinced that Teresa needed a policy of her own. As a building contractor, Nicolas saw the rationale for his own life insurance. But, Teresa worked from home. Their insurance professional warned them of the expenses they'd face with Teresa gone. Fortunately, they listened.

To watch the story on the impact the loss of a stay-at-home parent can have on a family, view this video:

The life insurance policy allowed the Virgen family to:

  • Pay bills while Nicolas was out of work for nearly two years recovering from his injuries.
  • Helped with college expenses for Mayra and her older sister, Susana.
  • Save their home. If not for the insurance, Nicolas is certain that his family would have lost their home.

The life insurance stories above demonstrate the power and importance of life insurance.

What would you or your family do if you unexpectedly encountered a tragedy? Your life can change in an instant. Whether you’re a young family, a single parent or baby boomers nearing retirement, life insurance can help you protect against the unexpected.

Take our Life Optimized Risk Assessment to learn which products are best suited to your stage of life.

Are you protected against the unexpected? Complete a life insurance checklist today to find out. Or, learn more about the many life insurance products in our guide.

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