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Here are 7 Preventative Services Covered by Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage

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HERE ARE 7 PREVENTATIVE SERVICES COVERED BY MEDICARE PART B AND MEDICARE ADVANTAGE Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage both cover important preventative services that are necessary to help you...

Medigap Plans and Cancer

compare medicare supplement plans

MEDIGAP PLANS AND CANCER If you or a loved one has received a cancer diagnosis, the last thing you want to worry about is problems with your insurance. Thankfully, Medicare provides many options to...

I Have a Pre-Existing Condition, What are My Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Rights?

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I HAVE A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION, WHAT ARE MY MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT (MEDIGAP) RIGHTS? One of the biggest worries people have about switching to Medicare is receiving coverage while having a current...

Why Millennials Need to Know More About Medicare

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MILLENNIALS NEED TO KNOW MEDICARE It is important that Millennials are educated about Medicare. Their parents are a part of a large aging generation that is going to face difficulties. Medicare has...

Millennials & Medicare: The Political Landscape

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 MILLENNIALS & MEDICARE Why should Millennials care about Medicare? After all, for this generation, retirement is a long way off. However, it’s never too early to consider how today’s political...

Best Medicare Supplement Plans for High Blood Pressure

Medicare Supplement Plans

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE High blood pressure is a problem. However, there are ways it can be controlled. It is important that you have coverage to help you manage costs related to blood pressure. You may...

Ensurem Launches Medigap EZ-App

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ENSUREM LAUNCHES FREE IOS MEDICARE SEEKR APP As the first true direct-to-consumer Medicare Supplement application, the Medigap EZ-App allows consumers to enroll in a plan without speaking to an...

Traveling Abroad in Retirement? Look for Appropriate Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

 MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLANS Who doesn’t love to see the world? If you’re traveling abroad in retirement, you’ll need to evaluate appropriate Medicare Supplement plans. Here’s how.

Medigap Plan G: 8 Things It Covers Versus Other Medicare Supplement Plans

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MEDIGAP PLAN G COVERAGE FACTS Medigap Plan G is one of 10 Medigap plans available for Original Medicare beneficiaries. If you’re trying to decide which Medicare Supplement plan will work best for...